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8:00pm - 9:30pm 

Tuesday 7th July

A panel discussion followed by a peer-to-peer networking opportunity for editors looking to find out more about how job-sharing can and does work in their job role and chat to other editors looking to pair up.

Course Content

Pennie Ellis and Sarah Mackelworth.- Job-Sharing Editors -  Reality / Entertainment / Factual. Pennie and Sarah have job shared on various reality and entertainment shows very successfully for a number of years - they'll talk about their experiences, including working in the same suite alongside job-sharing Edit Producers!  

Alison Carter-Goulden - Head of Culture and People at Trim -  - As well as her current role at Trim, Alison previously worked as an Assistant Editor, including having personal experience of Job-Sharing on feature films such as "I, Daniel Blake".  Alison will discuss how Job-Sharing can and does work for Editors in the Drama and Commercials world. 

Andrew Jackman - Exec Producer at Lime Pictures (Unscripted) - Andrew has hired and worked with job-sharing editors and will to talk about how it works from an employers point of view and what advantages it can bring for productions.

Anthony Crossby - Director of Operations, Independent Post Agency -  Anthony will cover how job-sharing can work for Editors who already have agents... what if one half of pair is with an agent and other isn’t? …How are commission fees/ subs split? ...What resistance have they encountered to hiring job-share editor pairs? …How could this be best overcome? How could an Editor Job Share Pair best sell themselves to a production?
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