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ScreenSkills and The Film & TV Charity have teamed up to produce guidance for employers to implement training to address mental health issues.

Aimed at line managers and freelancers, the guidance looks at why employers should invest in mental health and understand their own needs and determine what their corporate policies should be in terms of supporting staff.

Developed by mental health and workplace wellbeing experts and specialist trainers, the Mental Health Training: Guidance for Employers also looks at accreditation around mental health training and identifying how to address the industry issues that affect mental health, such as working hours, management style and short-term contracts.

The guidance builds on the charity’s ongoing research into the need for mental health training, encapsulated in its wider project, Training+ and its Let’s Reset campaign.

“We need to reassess how we think and talk about mental health and wellbeing in film, TV and cinema,” said the charity’s chief executive, Alex Pumfrey.

“The framework the guidance puts in place will enable employers to equip managers and staff with the right knowledge and understanding and can act as an important step towards ensuring our working culture becomes something to be proud of.”

Mental Health Training: Guidance for Employers is available on the ScreenSkills website


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