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While the Disability by Design report highlights many of the challenges that disabled TV professionals face, some respondents shared positive experiences that highlighted the simple steps managers, colleagues and companies can take to make them feel welcome.

Compassionate support
“The best experience I have had was a very informal conversation with the executive producer who simply asked whether I needed anything whilst working for them. When I said no, she said to keep her posted if that changes at all. That was it, simple, empowering and kind.”

Proactive approach
“Access to Work was unable to provide funding for a piece of equipment which would help me get around set and locations, so amazingly my production company paid for it themselves . . . they were fully supportive of my needs to ensure I could perform my job to my full capacity."

Valuing contributions
“[My] current job sees my disability as a huge positive. My opinions are valued and asked for. Change is made and acted upon when I make suggestions. Access to Work and access requirements are not awkward conversations to have and just done without a big song and dance made about them.”

Positive workplace culture
“Bosses who ask without assuming what I can or can’t do also leads to a much more comfortable workplace where I don’t have to worry that I’m being overlooked.”

Workplace adjustment
"My colleagues will help organise meetings so I am directly opposite the writer or commissioner so I can maximise lip reading. My colleague takes notes in meetings which supplement my overview of what was said if I didn't catch it all."

"I was fortunate enough to work with a team who went especially out of their way to help me - from ensuring there was always an accessible toilet, ramps on the production truck, and accessible transport, they were fully supportive of my needs to ensure I could perform my job to my full capacity."

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