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Bafta is to recognise the creative contribution of key production team roles including production managers in a reshaping of the entry criteria for its annual TV awards.

Both the 2022 Bafta Television Craft Awards and Virgin Media Bafta Television Awards will now count line producers, production managers and heads of production as nominees, alongside the traditional roles of producer and executive producer.

Other production staff 'deemed to have had most creative input' are also eligible.

The roles have been under scrutiny recently, with the Production Managers Association backing calls from PMs Jamie Stratton and Josh Carpenter for improved working conditions and pay on par with editorial counterparts.

Bafta is also testing the water for sustainability to become a requirement in future awards by asking entrants whether they have achieved the industry's Albert certification and completed the Albert carbon calculator.

The additions come as Bafta formally doubles its diversity requirements, with entries needing to meet at leat two out of four criteria.

All entrie must demontrate a commitment to industry access and opportunities, plus one of three further measures relating to on-screen representation, creative leadership or audience development. 

Also from next year, international Bafta members will get a vote in every category across both awards, rather than just four as in previous years.

Bafta will announce its 2022 nominations for both awards on 30 March 2022, with the ceremonies taking place on 24 April (TV Awards) and 8 May (TV Craft Awards). 


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