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BBC Studios and Directors UK have joined forces to establish a more diverse mix of directors on high-volume continuing dramas such as EastEnders and Casualty.

A scheme set to launch this year aims to find and mentor directors from under-represented backgrounds with experience on short films, pilots, films or TV who want to develop their craft.

Mentees will be trained in prepping, shooting and editing on multicamera productions and will learn the specific requirements on each of BBCS’ four continuing drama series, including Holby City, which is due to end next year.

Kicking off with EastEnders, the scheme will include workshops for four directors on each of the primetime series, and a trainee opportunity on daytime show Doctors.

Directors UK head of career development and skills Andrea Corbett promised the scheme was “genuinely seeking to not only source diverse directing talent but offer real opportunities for work and career progression”.

To receive a link to the application form on EastEnders, email here.

For all other shows, contact BBC in-house production co-ordinator Lorraine Brown.

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