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Thanks for the huge role you're playing in changing the industry for the better.  I welcome all your initiatives.  Jyoti Mehta 
Talent Manager and DV Talent have always been way ahead of the game. Please keep up the good work.   - Abdullai Adejumo

In a trade that's increasingly fragmented, TM brings a welcome sense of community - more than any broadcaster manages for freelancers. - Ian Denyer


Thanks again for all you're doing to help the whole industry recruit more people from diverse backgrounds. I've just been singing the praises of the site to my colleagues at Blink.  -  Laura Mansfield CEO

I'm rather impressed with how Talent Manager have dealt with all of this. Super pro-active with the staff working hard fighting the corner of all us freelancers that have fallen through the cracks along with support, constant website updates, advice, advertising of some jobs that are a little outside the box but require a similar skill set.  - Paul Krajewski

How brilliant you have been during this period of crisis – and so helpful and informed. Great, that you have been leading on diversity – both transparently and also to provide such vital monitoring. -  Elsa Sharp  
Sarah, I applaud this whole heartedly thank you.  - Sharon Ward   

The TM Bristol networking event went so well – we saw some great people and all really well organised, thank you! - 
Sophie Nutbrown, Talent Executive, BBC Studios

I've found that TM always seems to be the best place to find out about new, upcoming, jobs and opportunities and found my current one here! Definitely value for money and the analytics feature on Pro is great & very useful as well. -
Adam Turner, Assistant Producer

The Come Work in Scotland TM event was great! Good venue. Well-organised. Delivered what it promised! The reach you achieve via TM is the great delight of the whole exercise. For there to be that many people there and for them to be established, talented professionals is entirely down to TM. We couldn’t get anywhere near that ourselves. So a big thanks for that. -
Toby Stephens, Creative Director, 141 Productions

One of the most dependable networking sites there is! A must have for anyone wanting to gain more experience in the TV industry. - Ethan Hackett, Shooting Assistant Producer

I just wanted to let you know we hired someone yesterday that we met at the "Speed Meet" networking talent event in Manchester who we didn’t know previously. We also have an interview tomorrow for another person we met via the event. I’m sure there will be other success stories from us going forward – but wanted to let you know how useful it was and to say thanks again. - 
Julia Bird / BBC Studios Kids & Family, Talent Executive

I just wanted to say on behalf of Brighton Production Hub and Blast Films! thank you for organising such a great networking event. It went really well, and I got some great feedback from contacts old and new. Was really great to collaborate with you guys. -
Lynette Slight, Line Producer, Blast Films

Nice one Sarah! Amazing stuff!  Would love to see the same system and website implanted in Brazil - that is suffering acutely with prejudice and inbalance.
    - GIdeon Boulting      

Thank you for your very open and very informative email - quite heart-warming and it clearly highlight how forward thinking the talent manager has been with its set up.   - Patrick James                                              

Hopefully more people will become open-minded and diversity will be supported within workplaces in media on a wider scale.   - Shadrach Agard  

Sarah, Good, Good and Good.   - Paul Joseph Smith    

Thanks Sarah. 
Anything that levels the playing field is always welcome. - Toral Dixit           

The Talent Manager is an essential resource for me. It helps open the door to new opportunities that I might never have known about. What’s more, when I am looking for talented people for my own projects, it’s my first port of call. - Phil Stein
The Talent Manager is my go-to place for television jobs and keeping an eye on what's going on in the industry and what's being made.  - Alex Harknett

Talent manager is an amazing platform to promote your experience and apply for work. I found it easy to use, relevant, and it didn't feel like my applications were going unnoticed. - Anoop Singh Kung

TM is an amazing resource for both employees and employers, and I hope to gain further work through it in the future.
   - Scott Greenfield  

The Talent Manager is the place to be if you're working in television. It's a fantastic site - easy to navigate with lots of room to showcase your skills, experience and credits  - Eve Mundy

TM has managed to amass such a broad community within its network, the likelihood of finding a job advertised which is relevant for you is extremely high. - Alex Brooksmith

I've found Talent Manager to be an invaluable resource in finding work.  The easy to view nature of the website, I believe allows me to show myself in the best light possible and connect with people I might not be able to outside the realms of Talent Manager. - David Horner


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