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Followed by a networking evening with freelancers who are making job sharing work.

A Share My Telly Job Event in conjunction with ITV LOVES TALENT and The Talent Manager.

An event to instill confidence in people hoping to job share now, or in the future. We will talk about the shift in attitudes from employers and why companies are becoming more receptive to it. In the TV industry, 95% of contracts are full-time and job sharing is the only way to create part-time hours and to retain exceptional talent.

We’ll hear from freelancers making job sharing work in various role. Essential tips on how to find your perfect partner, how to approach employers and how to challenge negative perception and reluctance to job sharing.

We’ll hear from employers actively seeking jobs sharers for their productions. Why they are doing it and about the challenges they have had to overcome when putting sharers forward. Employers who have first-hand experience of the efficiency and success of job sharing freelancers can help when pitching yourselves for jobs and inspire other employers to do the same.

Mother Pukka (Anna Whitehouse) will talk about the need for flexibility for all in a modern working environment.

We’re tapping in to the zeitgeist and there has never been a better time to request flexibility as a workforce – freelancers need to forge ahead with the attitude of staff – we’re the talent that makes the best shows and we have the same rights to flexibility as those who have permanent contracts with production companies and broadcasters. What does flexibility bring to home life and mental health and why we should have the confidence to request it.


Our event will be available to watch from the comfort of your own home LIVE on the evening.  

* There will be a small fee for this event to cover expenses such as stationary, kit hire, welcomes drinks and photography - all fees will be donated to SMTJ - a Community Interest Company which is entirely self-funded.

Click on the link below for tickets to the event:


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