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Dive into the world of VFX and animation at RTS Futures' expert panel event at Curzon Soho on Tuesday 23 May.

Across the evening you'll get into the minds of experienced panellists including Alex Donne-Johnson, Creative Director at motion design studio Dazzle Ship, Pete Allinson, Head of Design at multi-award winning broadcaster UKTV and Lindsey Watson, Founder of CANUK Productions, Head of Animation at Kindle UK and Founder of Animated Women UK

During the event you will learn how they made it into the industry, the secrets to their success and take a look at some examples of their work, looking at both their creative inspiration and the “nitty gritty” of the technical and logistical aspects that come along with VFX and animation.

If you are looking to get an insight about how to make it in this line of work this is the perfect event for you.

For more go to RTS Futures.

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