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To be a VFX Producer today is not just about being organised or being a spreadsheet guru.

You also need to have a good idea of VFX workflows and how best to use resources like 3D, Comp and Scanning to deliver the your VFX projects when up against the schedule and budget (and sometimes clients who can’t make up their mind!). I'll be running the VFX Producer course with DV Talent, which is designed to prep you for just that using my experience: the things I did right, but also the things I screwed up on. This will ensure you don't do the same! You'll also learn to manage your shots and resources in 'ftrack', a VFX Database. Before then, read my top 5 tips for VFX Producers:


Always be the first with the answers. This means keep track of all the information given to you and milestones with your project, both internally and with your client.


Always follow up phone calls (to clients, editorial, or other project members) with a summary email to ensure no miscommunication.


Don't attach files to emails. Instead, use something like dropbox, google drive, or other cloud based storage which you can then send a link to view or download. This prevents clogging up on email attachments and means all your files are in one easily accessible place.


Attend every editorial spotting session to ensure you are on top of all the creative decisions made. Every creative decision made impacts on the budget and schedule, so you need to be there to put out any fires before hand.


Always add a contingency/ buffer to your budget to allow for any additional events you may have not originally forecast. After all, creativity is an organic process, unlike your schedule and budget.

Are you working in VFX but want to transition into management?
HaZ runs the VFX Producing course at DV Talent. By the end of the course you'll have the knowledge-base & hands-on experience with ftrack to progress.
15 - 16 June. Limited spaces available. Register interest via

HaZ is a VFX Supervisor/ VFX Producer having worked on feature films and Broadcast series as well as being a director in his own right. He runs DV Talent's VFX Producing course, so if you're looking to progress, make sure to book on.


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