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Floella Benjamin has issued a rallying cry to protect “high quality regulated content” for children and called on the government to get "creative" in addressing TV's current challenges.

Receiving the Bafta TV Fellowship at last night’s awards, the former Playschool presenter and Baroness of Beckingham reflected on a 50-year career to get inspire children, and to get broadcasters and organisations to “have diversity and inclusion in their DNA”

But she called on the government to provide “creative survival solutions” for the current crises facing the industry.

“Our industry is in turmoil, facing new technology, mental health issues, cuts, unemployment,” she added.

On children’s TV specifically, Benjamin said:

“I am so proud of my work for children, making them feel loved, confident, hopeful, worthy, as I took them through the windows of imagination, inspiring to grow up and make a difference for others.

“I believe everyone in our industry has that same responsibility, as we are privileged to be able to influence society’s thinking and behaviour, which in turn affects the nation’s children.

“It’s important that we provide high quality regulated content that reflects children’s lives, no matter where or how they’re watching.”

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