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ScreenSkills has revealed the 2024 'Leaders of Tomorrow' who will undertake a three-year development programme in their chosen area of speciality.

Now in its third iteration, the scheme supports 25 people in mid-level positions with a mixture of mentorship, masterclasses and on-the-job training to prepare them for leadership and decision-making positions.

Funded by the High-end TV Skils Fund, contributions from high-end productions and, for one placement, by Sky, it aims to broaden the mix of people working at a senior level in TV.

Two of this year's participants shared their ambitions with ScreenSkills as it unveiled the full list.

Heather Andrews, based in Glasgow, is going freelance with a plan to become sound designer and supervising sound effects editor on high-end television drama and film. "The Scottish TV industry is continuing to grow, but it can be hard to make industry connections and learn from those at senior positions in the craft, particularly in post-production, therefore making it increasingly difficult to progress to a higher level," she said.

"The programme will allow me to focus on what I love best, sound design, and I hope through working and learning from some of the greats in the craft will allow me to progress to sound designer or supervising sound editor in the future."

Meanwhile, Niall Strawson, who has worked in unscripted production and development in the natural history genre, wants to become a producer or director. "As a producer with a disability [he has been in a wheelchair since an accident 10 years ago], diversity and representation are important to me. I feel this programme will allow me to combine my lived experience with the training offered to make me a future leader in TV," he said.

This year's cohort are:

Aimee Whelan - Production, North West England

Caolan McNally - Locations, Northern Ireland

Chad Orororo - Post sound, London

Charlotte Ambrose - Hair and make-up, South East England

Daniel Kennedy - Art, Wales

Danielle Richards - Assistant director, Wales

Elizabeth Royce - Camera, North West England

Garry David Frost - VFX, London

Heather Andrews - Post sound, Scotland

Izzy Morgan - Assistant director, Wales

Jonathan Livesey - Location sound, Scotland

Jyoti Rajput - Unscripted, West Midlands

Lou Macnamara - Camera, London

May Ziade – Post production, London

Melanie Doyle - Hair and make-up, West Midlands

Michaela McCaffrey - Accounts, Scotland

Natasha Roper - Location sound, South West England

Niall Strawson - Unscripted, South West England

Reanne Goodlit-Jones -  VFX, London

Robert Hart - Camera, North West England

Ruth Woodside - Camera, London

Samantha Patterson - Camera, Eastern England

Simon Gill – Location sound, London

Solange Welch - Unscripted, South West England

Tim Jolly - Locations, South East England

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