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BECTU, the union dedicated to championing the rights and aspirations of staff, contract, and freelance workers in the media and entertainment sectors also run regular 'in person ' networking events. Many of these are 'members only'.

This is in addition to providing independent advice, legal support and assistance in negotiating pay and terms and conditions.

Watch this space for further events.

What do BECTU do?

Diverse Representation Across Industries:
BECTU proudly represents individuals engaged in non-performance roles across a spectrum of creative fields. From the excitement of live events and broadcasting to the intricate world of film and cinema, digital media, independent production, leisure, and the vibrancy of theatre and the arts – BECTU's reach is both extensive and inclusive.

Ambition Amidst Uncertainty:
In an industry notorious for its uncertainty and precarious conditions, BECTU members stand out for their unwavering ambition. Recognizing the challenges faced by its members, the union mirrors this ambition by pledging support in times of adversity. Whether it's a setback at work or a threat to job security, BECTU is committed to standing up for the rights of its members.

Comprehensive Support Throughout Your Career:
BECTU's commitment transcends career stages. Whether you're taking your first steps in the creative industries, aiming for that coveted promotion, or seeking new avenues through training, the union is your steadfast companion. Staff members, workers, and the self-employed alike – BECTU is here at every step, providing guidance, advocacy, and support tailored to your unique journey.

As a beacon of empowerment in the creative realm, BECTU's ambition aligns seamlessly with the aspirations of its members. Through representation, support in times of crisis, and a commitment to nurturing careers at every stage, BECTU stands tall as the unwavering ally for those who bring work on the ground within the UK's creative landscape. 

You can find out more info about BECTU here:

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