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The Film and TV Charity is looking at how the events in Israel and Gaza on and since October 7th are impacting on Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities working behind the scenes in the film and TV industry. As part of this work, they are conducting a survey and are asking people from the Muslim, Arab, and Jewish communities to take part.

Spend just ten minutes completing the survey here.
(deadline for completing the survey is 7th January, 23:59)

Events in Israel and Gaza on and after 7th October have impacted many colleagues in the film, TV and cinema industry – especially those who identify as Arab, Jewish or Muslim. With this survey we are seeking to understand the experiences, needs and concerns of those working behind the camera in film, TV and cinema, who have been affected by the conflict – whether personally or in the workplace.

We are doing this research as part of an urgent three-month project to examine how the Charity can best support people of Jewish, Muslim, and Arab heritage. Specifically, we want to be able to do the following:

  • Better support the mental health of colleagues impacted by the conflict in Israel and Gaza
  • Understand and address systemic inequalities brought to the fore by the conflict
  • Empower Muslim, Arab and Jewish industry colleagues to connect with industry leadership so they can address their concerns
  • Equip organisations with the tools to better support individuals in the short, medium and long term, and better address systemic discrimination
The survey results will inform discussions with representatives from the film and TV industry in a series of facilitated roundtables about discrimination which recent events have highlighted, and perhaps made worse. They will also be used to develop educational resources, recommendations for industry organisations, and a review of mental health needs, to ensure that communities affected are appropriately supported.

We acknowledge that the current conflict has a complex historical context and also that not all of those impacted identify as Muslim, Jewish or Arab. We also understand that there are several different senses in which people may (or may not) identify as a member of a particular involved community. Our approach aims to be inclusive and impartial. But in order to meet our objectives we have had to focus on recent events and to prioritise questions which will help us understand the circumstances of those who identify as Jewish, Arab or Muslim.

Please be advised that as a charity we do not have the powers of a reporting body, so we cannot act in relation to specific complaints or allegations. We invite you to submit your responses, which will be treated confidentially and used to inform our work and conversations with industry.

None of your responses will be submitted until you have reached the end of the survey and selected 'Finish Survey'.


The responses you provide will be received anonymously. We will not know your email address or any other information about who you are, unless you tell us. Your responses will be analysed confidentially by a representative of the Film and TV Charity. The survey consists of a mixture of ‘closed’ questions (i.e. questions with pre-set answer options) and ‘open’ questions (where you can provide responses in your own words). We may publish the results of responses to closed questions. But we will not publish any answers given in your

own words to open questions, or share them during the industry roundtables unless you explicitly consent to this at the end of the survey. Any responses which you do allow us to share will be thoroughly checked for anonymity and non-disclosiveness and no information identifying you as an individual will be published or shared with any other parties.


We appreciate that some of the questions in this survey are likely to be hard to answer and may surface difficult experience and emotions. If you would like any support regarding issues raised through this survey, you are welcome to contact our free 24-hour Support Line It is a confidential and independent source of support for people working in the industry.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact


If you require accessibility assistance in completing the survey and would like to do so anonymously with someone over the phone, or have any other access requests, please contact

Spend just ten minutes completing the survey here

 All responses will remain completely confidential.

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