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Composite image show portraits of Georgia Moseley and Katharine Patrick
Georgia Moseley (left) and Katharine Patrick (right)

BBC Studios’ factual podcast unit creative drector Georgia Moseley and Wonderhood’s Katharine Patrick are to take the reins at BBCS’ new-look Documentary Unit.

As head of the unit and senior creative director respectively, Moseley and Patrick will oversee a broad factual slate that encompasses institutional access, compelling human stories, observational docs and series and innovative constructed and popular factual formats.

Moseley has worked for the BBC for 20 years, and under her leadership, the podcast unit has produced Vishal and History’s Secret Heroes for the BBC, as well as Audible’s I Am Not Nicholas and Mother, Neighbour, Russian Spy and Spotify’s Stay Free: the Story of the Clash.

Patrick, who will be editorial lead at the unit, was previously head of factual at Wonderhood Studios, where she executive produced documentaries including Channel 4’s Baby Surgeons and Evacuation. She has previous been head of development for both Minnow and Nutopia.

The pair will work with existing editorial leads in London, Salford and Cardiff, and with the BBC Documentary Unit’s creative directors Kirsty Cunningham (Scam Interceptors, The Murder of Jill Dando) and Joe Mather (Lion: The Rise and Fall of the Marsh Pride and C4’s Grenfell: The Untold Story).

The pair will report to managing director of factual production Kate Ward, who described the appointments as “a partnership of two outstanding creative leaders, defined by their passion for documentary in all its forms, and fuelled by a shared desire to deliver an ambitious, impactful and contemporary Documentary Unit for BBC Studios.

“Along with Kirsty and Joe they form a powerhouse creative team and we could not be more thrilled to have them all with us at BBC Studios.”

BBCS split the unit into two last month to create a separate specialist factual division.

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