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The Talent Manager platform is specifically designed for professional networking and career development within the freelance creative community.

Why do creative freelancers connect on The Talent Manager?

  1. Job Opportunities: Many users connect to discover job openings or to share their profile and skillset so that when a connection hears about a relevant role, they are top of mind.
  1. Networking: The Talent Manager offers a way for professionals to build and maintain a network of contacts. This can be valuable for getting introductions, seeking advice, sharing opportunities, or staying updated with industry trends.
  1. Business Development and Partnerships: For creative freelancers The Talent Manager can be a tool for identifying potential clients, partners, or other business opportunities.
  1. Knowledge Sharing and Learning: Many people share articles, insights, and professional achievements on The Talent Manager. By connecting with industry leaders and peers, users can stay updated with the latest news and insights relevant to their field.
  1. Recommendations and Endorsements: The Talent Manager allows users to endorse their connections for specific skills and to write recommendations. This can enhance the credibility of a profile, especially when seeking job opportunities or clients.
  1. Building Online Presence: For many creative freelance professionals, a The Talent Manager profile serves as an online CV or portfolio. By connecting with more people, they can expand their reach and visibility within their industry.
  1. Reconnecting: The Talent Manager often suggests contacts from past jobs, or other associations. Many people use the platform to reconnect with former colleagues, or other acquaintances.
  1. Access to Content: People connect with others to have a more tailored Hub feed, with articles, posts, and updates that are relevant to their professional interests.
  1. Research: Job seekers and researchers might connect with others to learn more about a company, its culture, or to get insights into a particular industry or role.
  1. Events and Webinars: The Talent Manager has tools for promoting and attending professional events. By connecting with industry leaders and organisations, users can be informed of webinars, training, and other events of interest.
  1. Community Participation: The Talent Manager hosts numerous industry and interest-specific community questions. Engaging and connecting with members can help in knowledge sharing and building a more extensive network.

While the above reasons are some of the most common motivations, every individual's goals and objectives on The Talent Manager can vary. It's always essential to approach connections with a genuine interest and professional demeanour, as building a network based on trust and mutual respect can yield long-term benefits.

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