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Fresh off his recent gig as a Assistant Producer (Self Shooter) on GoodTv's 'Deliveroo: How Do They Do It?', Mackenzie Hanifan gives an insight into his experience and what it is like working on such a show.

"Working on a project like this from scratch is at times -daunting- but also if you're up for the challenge a really exciting prospect. I was brought on by GoodTv alongside my Director to a blank slate. Gillian, the director had made a few of these Channel 5 docs before but Deliveroo was quite a different subject matter to the past brands she'd covered. It meant that both of us had to approach coming up with ideas on how to tackle it in a whole new way, working on this project also allowed me to flex my abilities and learn a few new skills to. We were given 8 weeks to put the whole thing together and alongside our Exec the only editorial side of the team."

"It was an exciting casting process finding former employees, experts and people with amusing stories, no easy feat in the world of food delivery where everyone is freelance and in and out of jobs, it was apparent early on that no one stuck around at Deliveroo for a long time, so finding people who could speak confidently about different roles was testing. Patience and the ability to stay calm and know something will come through is a skill I've had to learn the hard way and served well on this project."

"Like most projects it seemed like nothing was in place until the week of filming and then it all came together at once. We filmed all over the country and covered a massive amount of miles, I was particularly proud of this project as I filmed 98% of it myself. It was nice working with a Director who gave me a lot of freedom to suggest things and try other bits out, as well as the opportunity to learn new skills like filming whole sequences with prime lenses, something I hadn't done before."

Because Deliveroo is online and not a physical place you can film, we found lots of exciting alternatives and going to Milton Keynes to film delivery robots was a particular highlight. Something you're never prepared for is having to try and film robots which never stop, in a professional way. I would have to run ahead of them with the camera, set up a good shot and then spring back up and chase them again! It was knackering!
I learnt a lot about lighting and directing my own sequences with this project, which was filmed two years ago now. I am now on my way to being a DV director and I would credit this project to giving me the confidence to move up this role."


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