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Following on from our weekly MWTV post, we hear from DoP on Cornwall with Simon Reeve, Jonathan Young, on his experience of working with Simon Reeve on this popular returning BBC2 series by Beagle Media:

I have been Simon's main DoP for nearly 20 years. I first worked with Simon in 2004 and regularly since 2008. I have traveled extensively around the globe with him in that time. Shooting Simon's shows around the world has been a consistent career pinnacle for me. Each time we set out on the road again, I pinch myself just how lucky I have been. 
Hard work ? Oh man ! Exhilarating ? A wild ride ! Worth while ? I have lived 10,00 lifetimes with the experiences I have had with Simon and the rest of the production team.

Summer 2020 - With the UK just emerging from the depths of Covid lockdowns that spring, international travel was still a distant hope for most people. Filming for the South America series had to be halted due to Covid in March 2020. A decision was made by the close knit team that works alongside Simon, that he should turn his curiosity and wanderlust to locations much closer to home. Cornwall was chosen using the same criteria that all of the Simon Reeve series are decided on. The stunning beauty, the rugged landscapes, the promise of pleasure from the journey to the idyllic coves and beaches, the industries and livelihoods that have shaped the land and the people for centuries.  The vital part of any of Simon's programmes are the characters he meets whilst travelling through the landscapes. The stories that unfold are often counterintuitive and bold,they offer the viewer an insight into a way of life or critical situation that they wouldn't normally encounter for themselves. Simon's travels can be enjoyed vicariously or used as a "fresh look" guide to your own adventures. Simon's programmes have in my view redefined the travelogue genre over the last nearly 20 years .The combination of understanding, empathy and ultimately hope that rises the characters on screen that is drawn out by Simon is a joy and privilege to be part of.

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