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  • Description

    We are looking for LOGGERS to join a new Talent Pool.

    We are specifically looking for candidates with experience on Blackbird (prev. Forscene) & Time Code +. If you have any other software experience please let us know.

    Please specify where you have worked as a logger (ie office, studio, on location).

    You must be quick, efficient and be a very fast and accurate typist with great attention to detail.

    You will have at least 2 previous Logger credits on Prime-time, fast-turnaround shows. Please do not apply if you do not have this.

    Please include the following in your cover note:
    *your mobile number
    *confirmation of availability (from now until April 2020)
    *where you are based across the UK
    *can you drive and are you over 21 for insurance purposes
    *previous logging/live logging experience on relevant Entertainment shows
    *knowledge of other software experience not listed in the advert

    Many Thanks!

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  • Posted on

    23rd Oct 2019

  • Apply by

    1st Dec 2019

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