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  • Description

    We are looking for DATA WRANGLERS to join a new Talent Pool.

    You must have at least 2 previous Data Wrangler credits.

    We are specifically looking for candidates with experience on Shotput Pro and Adobe Premier who has proven experience managing an incredibly high volume of rushes on multiple devices for major broadcasters to be considered for the pool. Please do not apply if you do not have this.

    Please include the following in your cover note:
    *your mobile number
    *confirmation of availability (from now until April 2020)
    *where you are based across the UK
    *can you drive and are you over 21 for insurance purposes
    *previous camera, tech and/or data wrangling experience on relevant shows.

    Many Thanks!

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  • Posted on

    23rd Oct 2019

  • Apply by

    1st Dec 2019

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