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Post Production Coordinator/Supervisor

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    We are looking for a Post Production Coordinator/Supervisor to start with us from 9th September.
    Ideally we are looking to have someone in post part time from 9th Sept – 18th Oct working 3 days a week – perhaps Mon/Wed/Fri – definitely Fridays.
    And then full time from 21st Oct – 31st Jan with 2 down weeks over xmas.
    This is for a 10 part US Broadcaster series so looking to get someone in, preferably with US Broadcasting paperwork experience.They will be needed to be helping with and keeping across post scheduling and following up with the edits as well as assisting with all the paperwork which will be necessary. They will be working alongside our JPM and Prod Sec.

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  • Posted on

    13th Aug 2019

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    6th Sep 2019

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