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Associate Producer

  • Description

    We are currently seeking an Associate Producer. You have a deep knowledge and interest in news and viral videos and can help our team bring our audience relevant savvy, and informative digital video content.
    • You will be responsible for tracking trending news stories throughout the day as they develop and finding relevant videos to enhance those stories. You will be a key point of contact between the video team and web edit team.
    • You will upload and publish our videos onsite using Brightcove and WordPress, and will add relevant tags. You will also send our videos and all related material to our social team for distribution.
    • You’ll assist with daily headline creation, thumbnails, liaising with the newsroom, and smart playlisting, and syndication. You’ll be part of our team that brainstorms video ideas, and curates material.
    • You will be responsible for organizing and maintaining our calendars and documents, including keeping track of our clip usage from various video agencies.
    • You will be responsible for helping us source, locate, clear and post videos for breaking and daily news for all our subject areas. We pinpoint videos with potential before they become widely distributed and we use analytical software like Parsley, NewsWhip Spike, Crowdtangle and others to help make those determinations.
    Experience scriptwriting for short videos also a plus! This is an opportunity to join an iconic media brand as it continues to experience exponential digital growth. New York Post and Page Six videos received more than a billion views across platforms in the past two years.
    The Job:
    • Work closely with the Supervising Producer of Video to source, locate and curate video for our stories.
    • Help oversee breaking news coverage.
    • Coordinate videos with articles as they are created.
    • Pinpoint stories before they have saturated the media landscape.
    • Act as a liaison between the video team and web team .
    • Source video from wire services, video footage agencies and third parties on the internet; follow-up with clearances when appropriate.
    • Upload and publish videos, create relevant web, social pages and promotional materials. including headlines, end cards, thumbnails, smart playlisting, etc.
    • Implement best practices for video metadata, thumbnails, and discovery on all videos.
    • Participate in brainstorming compelling video one-offs and franchises.
    • Improve tracking database for all original video content.
    • Use web analytics to monitor audience engagement with our videos.
    • Ability to help write web-friendly headlines.
    • Assist in various facets of production.
    • Strategize for growth on various platforms.
    • Continually tweak our playlists and channel layout for video discovery.
    • 3+ years of experience working in an online news environment.
    • Great editorial judgment, reporter experience, social media savvy, ability to juggle multiple projects at once.
    • Familiarity and use of mainstream video channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more.
    • Simple photo and/or video editing skills a plus.
    • Must enjoy working collaboratively and accurately in a fast paced breaking news environment but also a fun workplace.
    • Attention to detail a must.
    • Familiarity with content management systems is a plus such as WordPress, video CMS like Brightcove and web analytics tools like, Crowdtangle, Spike, etc.
    • Resume and cover letter.
    • Describe your POV on what makes a video shareable.
    • Provide two ideas for quick videos based on the news of this week.

    The New York Post is the nation’s oldest newspaper with the youngest, most ambitious video department. We want to make our mark in digital video and create memorable work and new watching habits among our audience. The legacy of the great headlines conveys the attributes of our videos: bold, irreverent, judgmental, confident and clever. We want to make videos that surprise viewers. We seek someone who believes news doesn’t have to be boring to be news and who appreciates serious and quirky stories. Let’s talk!

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    New York

  • Posted on

    7th Nov 2018

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    30th Nov 2018

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