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Milla Harrison

Producer/Director, Edit Producer


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About Me

I am an experienced, multi-skilled and versatile Producer/Director with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. I have worked across a diverse range of factual output including Horizon BBC 2, The One Show BBC 1, long form documentary's (C5, C4, Discovery Channel, BBC 2 and BBC 1), observational films, magazine short films, live events... Read More

I am an experienced, multi-skilled and versatile Producer/Director with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. I have worked across a diverse range of factual output including Horizon BBC 2, The One Show BBC 1, long form documentary's (C5, C4, Discovery Channel, BBC 2 and BBC 1), observational films, magazine short films, live events, and ‘as live programming’.

I have successfully managed development teams, pitching and winning business with BBC and C4 commissioners and channel controllers.

My key skills are;
• Confident track record in demonstrating visual flair & original storytelling to turn complicated & challenging factual content into accessible, engaging and entertaining films for the audience.
• Finding, developing and championing new talent & generating strong performances from both presenters and contributors.
• Managing and developing large creative teams in both production and development genres.
• Extensive knowledge of developing, pitching and winning ideas to BBC commissioners and channel controllers.
• Filmed extensively worldwide including Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti, USA, Brazil, Nepal, India, Argentina, Jordan, Israel, Europe and China and have a full valid I-Visa. Read Less

Credits last updated / confirmed indexing on 22nd Jun 2018


Job RoleProduction TitleChannelCompanyDateNetwork Executive
Producer/Director / The Pill Horizon / BBC 2 / BBC Studios / Feb 2018 to Jun 2018 / Craig Hunter
Producer/DirectorThe Pill HorizonBBC 2BBC Studios Feb 18 - Jun 18Craig Hunter
Edit Producer / What On Earth / Discovery / WAG TV / Sep 2017 to Dec 2017
Edit ProducerWhat On EarthDiscoveryWAG TV Sep 17 - Dec 17
Edit Producer / GPs Behind Closed Doors / 5* / Knickerbockerglory / Jul 2017 to Aug 2017 / Emma Westcott
Edit ProducerGPs Behind Closed Doors5*Knickerbockerglory Jul 17 - Aug 17Emma Westcott
Edit Producer / Celebrities in Therapy / 5* / Knickerbockerglory / May 2017 to May 2017 / Emma Westcott
Edit ProducerCelebrities in Therapy5*Knickerbockerglory May 17 - May 17Emma Westcott
Development Producer / New C4 Factual Entertainment Series / Channel 4 / Optomen Television / Mar 2017 to Apr 2017
Development ProducerNew C4 Factual Entertainment SeriesChannel 4Optomen Television Mar 17 - Apr 17
Edit Producer / Eden / Channel 4 / Keo Films / Nov 2016 to Feb 2017 / Liam Humphreys and Ian Dunkley
Edit ProducerEdenChannel 4Keo Films Nov 16 - Feb 17 Liam Humphreys ...
Producer/Director / Horizon: Hair Care Secrets / BBC 2 / BBC Science In-House -Horizon / Apr 2016 to Jul 2016 / Steve Crabtree
Producer/DirectorHorizon: Hair Care SecretsBBC 2BBC Science In-House -Horizon Apr 16 - Jul 16Steve Crabtree
Producer/Director / Horizon: Why are We Getting So Fat? / BBC 2 / BBC Science In-House / Oct 2015 to Mar 2016 / Steve Crabtree
Producer/DirectorHorizon: Why are We Getting So Fat?BBC 2BBC Science In-House Oct 15 - Mar 16Steve Crabtree
Development Producer / The One Show / BBC 1 / BBC Science In House / Jul 2015 to Sep 2015 / Michael Armit
Development ProducerThe One ShowBBC 1BBC Science In House Jul 15 - Sep 15Michael Armit
Producer / BBC Science Zone, Cheltenham Science Festival / BBC Science In-House / Apr 2015 to Jun 2015
ProducerBBC Science Zone, Cheltenham Science FestivalBBC Science In-House Apr 15 - Jun 15
Producer/Director / Britain's Favourite Foods: Are They Good for You? / BBC 2 / BBC Science In-House / Oct 2014 to Mar 2015 / Alison Kirkham
Producer/DirectorBritain's Favourite Foods: Are They Good for You?BBC 2BBC Science In-House Oct 14 - Mar 15Alison Kirkham
Development Producer / Science Development - Multi Channels / BBC / BBC Science In House / Oct 2012 to Jul 2013 / Various
Development ProducerScience Development - Multi ChannelsBBCBBC Science In House Oct 12 - Jul 13Various
Development Producer / Forces of Nature with Brian Cox / BBC 1 / BBC Science In House / May 2014 to Sep 2014
Development ProducerForces of Nature with Brian CoxBBC 1BBC Science In House May 14 - Sep 14
Producer/Director / The Science of Doctor Who / BBC 2 / BBC Science In-House / Jul 2013 to Sep 2013 / Kim Shillinglaw
Producer/DirectorThe Science of Doctor WhoBBC 2BBC Science In-House Jul 13 - Sep 13Kim Shillinglaw
Development Producer / Horizon - Head of Development / BBC 2 / BBC Science In House / Jul 2010 to Jul 2011
Development ProducerHorizon - Head of DevelopmentBBC 2BBC Science In House Jul 10 - Jul 11
Producer/Director / Horizon:What's wrong with our weather? / BBC 2 / BBS Science In-house / Oct 2013 to Apr 2014 / Andrew Cohen
Producer/DirectorHorizon:What's wrong with our weather?BBC 2BBS Science In-house Oct 13 - Apr 14Andrew Cohen
Producer/Director / Oceans, The Red Sea / Discovery / BBC Science In-House / Jan 2008 to Jul 2008
Producer/DirectorOceans, The Red SeaDiscoveryBBC Science In-House Jan 08 - Jul 08
Producer/Director / The One Show / BBC 1 / BBC Science In-House / Nov 2007 to Dec 2007
Producer/DirectorThe One ShowBBC 1BBC Science In-House Nov 07 - Dec 07
Producer/Director / Prof Regan's Diet Clinic / BBC 2 / BBC Science In-House / Jul 2008 to Mar 2009
Producer/DirectorProf Regan's Diet ClinicBBC 2BBC Science In-House Jul 08 - Mar 09
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Milla has produced and directed three episodes of Horizon since I have been Editor. The first was about the strange weather we¹ve been experiencing, the second about obesity and the third about the hair care industry. Three very different films with very different approaches and styles, all of the highest quality.

Milla has a strong journalistic instinct and able to easily determine the facts from the spin. She is brilliant with contributors and exceptional with presenters ­ in fact two of the films in particular (Obesity and Hair) had either very inexperienced presenters or presenters completely new to television. Milla was able to extract brilliant performances from these presenters and this is definitely one of her unique strengths.

Milla is a great director and very creative ­ with flair and a sense of fun and able to switch from the more serious Horizon style films to the more popular end - I know she has also worked across the BBC channels and so is able to understand the differences between what's needed for BBC1 and (for example) BBC2 or BBC4.

Milla has always worked well with teams and is a natural leader ­ though equally self motivated and able to get the work done without constant exec guidance­ her films for me came together without any issues and were some of the highest performing programmes of the 2015/16 Horizon run.

Steve Crabtree

I've had the great pleasure of working with Milla on two occasions, editing hour-long, prime-time documentaries for the BBC. She is a stand-out producer/director and this is for three key reasons:

Firstly, her rushes are thoughtfully planned with the edit in mind. She directs neat sequences and covers them well.

Secondly, she writes in a clear, concise manner and with her characteristic style and wit - ensuring her films maintain a lightness of touch - even when dealing with complicated thesis. She is readily capable of guiding her films through post-production.

Finally, and most crucially, Milla is wonderful company in the cutting room. She's easy going and funny as hell. She has professional acumen in bagfuls, though admirably, she doesn't take herself too seriously and remains collaborative throughout.

She is a pleasure to work with and I hope we find ourselves in an edit some time again. I further emphasise that while this is a personal testament, I know many other notable editors who concur.

Sam Billinge

Milla is a fantastic producer to have on a series or in development. She understands how to take content and turn it into great television and finds creative solutions to production problems. She's ambitious in her ideas, but also a great team member who collaborates with others to move ideas on. She's great at inspiring junior members of the team.

Nicola Cook, Line Manager

Milla is great at making her interviewees feel at ease, and doesn't waste time asking superfluous questions, but rather all the right ones in order to get all the perfect answers I need for an edit. She has a keen sense of story structure, and isn't afraid to make work for herself (and me, her editor!) in order to reshape a film into something that makes it easier for an audience to understand. Above all, she is great fun to be around in a darkened room for weeks on end, so I look forward to doing so again.

Dominic Staveacre

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    Access Negotiation


    Commentary Writing

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    Safeguarding Trust

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    Multicamera Directing


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