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About This Event

In our culture of 24/7 connectivity, taking a step back is vital to re-energize the mind and the body. Successful people know being busy all of the time will lead to missed opportunities and lack of clarity.

So how do you integrate fitness and mindfulness into your life in order to stay creative and focused?

Join General Assembly as we present a panel discussion around mindfulness and empowerment. Come and learn tips and tools that will help you take control of your life and be your best self.

We'll discuss: - How to incorporate an active lifestyle into your daily life - What mindfulness is, and what all the fuss is about - Ways to consciously connect & disconnect, by yourself or with others - Tips on developing a regular mindfulness practice that’s fun, relaxing and energizing - How businesses can promote wellness and mindfulness in the workplace

We'll also be joined by a mindfulness trainer for a talk and guided mindfulness exercise that will explore different mindfulness tools that can help us to stay present, resourceful and resilient.

Be prepared to switch off your mobile phones and open your mind!

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  • Free
  • 2nd Feb 2021@5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Webinar
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