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About This Event

Join Forbes-featured mindset expert and founder Daria Tsvenger as she shares a money mindset approach to achieve a 6 figures income.

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs / freelancers who:

  • Know how to scale their businesses, but have a hard time executing.
  • -Take on a lot of responsibilities and are scared to delegate them.
  • Is tired of their business and sometimes thinks about quitting.
  • Is super energized by new ideas, but has a hard time to follow through (quickly give up).
  • Realizes that they make the same mistake over and over again and doesn't know how to change that.


    • Learn why your money mindset is sabotaging your income.
    • Create a system, where you'll see your strengths and put to light the negative stories you've been telling yourself.
    • Figure out your limiting beliefs - only by working through them your challenges in business and personal life will be solved.
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    • 6th Oct 2020@6 - 7pm
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