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This exciting and original two-day course will help you improve your skills in story-telling and structuring of factual programmes and documentaries. 

Devised and taught by award-winning documentary maker, Kevin Hull, this course takes you through the basic techniques and elements of story-telling. You practice your new skills in a series of practical film-making exercises, so you will be able to make a well-constructed piece – whatever the subject. You will study the way successful film-makers have structured their work, and learn about the different types of story.


"Very enjoyable, packed full of content but with just the right amount of learning through doing." -Rebecca  Burrell

"It was very useful and practical. I understand much better the process of storytelling." - Isabel Duran, Producer

"I've had a great weekend and would recommend the course to anyone -thanks! Kevin was a really engaging, intelligent and amicable tutor. Very enjoyable and interesting. Great though-provoking discussion, practical advice and good fun!" - Seb Castle, Researcher

"Excellent!" - Shane Mccormack, Editor

"Really thought provoking, stimulating and refreshing. I really enjoyed it. Kevin is an excellent communicator, and was a great help. It would be good for as many program - making staff as possible to do this course" - Mary Wimpress, Producer/Director

"Brilliant. highly recommend it. Great tutor- very helpful and will change the way i see films in future and my approach to my work" -Ayan Ali, Assistant Producer


By the end of the course you will understand the way that documentaries and factual programmes are structured, and have improved your ability to construct a gripping factual narrative.

Course Content

  • Introduction - what is story in documentary, and why is it needed?
  • Exercise – the story-circle and how it is used
  • Case study – the basics of story
  • Exercise in visual narrative - how story works within a shot
  • Viewing and feedback
  • Structure – exploring the elements used to construct a narrative
  • Exercise in structuring.
  • Viewing and feedback
  • Story types - what kinds of story are there, and which will work for your idea
  • Exercise practising one of the most basic story types
  • Viewing and Feedback
  • Written exercise in finding and shaping good story ideas
  • Case studies of story eements and other possible structures

NB. Course content and structure may vary depending on number of delegates and their levels of experience.

Ongoing Support

With all our courses we provide a post-course support service for added peace of mind. So, if you encounter a problem - or just have a general query - do give us a call and we'll be happy to help
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