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Excel Training Courses For TV Production Management:

  • Designed By Production, For Production: Lesson plans have been created by a Production Manager around tasks and spreadsheets specific to TV production work.
  • Practice As You Go: Courses combine demonstration & application, so each new skill is put into practice through workbook exercises.
  • Small Classes for Personalised Teaching: Class size is limited to 10 people to encourage participation and facilitate comprehension.

Course Content

The FUNDAMENTALS course outlines the building blocks to Excel, providing a comprehensive overview of how the software can be applied to production tasks.

Course material includes cell formats & categories, DATE & TIME calculations, COUNT & SUM family formulas, TEXT functions, conditional formatting, and data validation.

The course is open to all production management grades.

Testimonials from previous attendees:
"It's a great course that has you learning really complex ideas straight away in an easy-to-understand format. You'll walk away inspired and thinking of tons of ways you can implement what you've learned into spreadsheets you already use."
"It's changed my way of working, and has made me more confident within my role. I could not recommend enough!"
"Everything was super useful and it was really easy to see (through your examples) how each thing would be relevant to jobs we do on production all the time. It makes me want to build lots of master spreadsheets!!"

This course offers Talent Manager Pro members the following discount:


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