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This Nuke™ Compositing 2 Weeks Training Program covers all the basics and fundamentals of the process of digital compositing using the industry standard software Nuke X. Specially designed for beginners, new joiners to the art of compositing or switching from other software packages like After Effects. It provides the minimum knowledge and set of skills to start using Nuke as a real pro for film compositing, developing both artistic and technical sides, to train the eye to study and analyse the approach for the process compositing of two or more images from different sources keeping a photorealistic logic.

All lessons are compositing-driven more than just a software-oriented course. The students will use footage and elements from real productions from both film and video sources.

Students are encourage to shoot their own footage or bring their own personal projects.

As part of the course, delegates will get extended access to Nuke for 12 weeks after the course in order to practice and cement their learning in their own time.
With the course every student will receive a copy of Color Master Class for Nuke Compositors.

"The course was really exellent and Victor Perez is a professionist in his field. Every lesson was really useful and interesting." - Valeria Di Caludio, 3D Generalist

"The course was very thorough and dense" - Sean Lewis, VFX Generalist & Compositor

"The course was very well run and to a high standard" - Leroy Noel

‘’Victor is a great teacher. His way of teaching is very enjoyable, and makes the learning process faster. I am grateful to have him as a teacher.’’ - Mario Hernandez, Visual Effects Artist

‘’He taught me Nuke and Python with much patience. Big heart and nice sense of humour. Victor is the best.’- Ator Arroyo, Digital Compositori

’He has a huge knowledge covering all the fields in audio-visual and that makes everyone who is working with him faster and more comfortable.’’ - Jesus Garrido, Digital Compositor

’His knowledge of cinematography is far and away above the standard and makes him the perfect choice.’’- Kim Ranzani, Digital Compositor & Technical Director

’Amazingly talented, curious about everything, always smiling, friendly, pleased to share his knowledge with you and solve technical challenges.’’ - Laurianne Proudhon, Lead Compositor

’Knowledge and technical skills of Victor are endless. Always friend and cheerful, makes you feel comfortable.’’ - Igor Gonzalez, Effects Technical Director

Course Content

• Digital Image Fundamentals & Digital Colour Theory
• Introduction to Nuke X GUI
• The Alpha Channel: Matte, Masks & Premultiplication
• Layering Mathematical Operations
• Tracking: Point & Planar
• Rotoscoping Fundamentals
• Keyframe Animation & Linear Interpolation
• CG Multipass: Beauty Build & AOV Utility Passes
• CG Integration with Live Action: Colour Match & Photographic Artifacts
• Project of the Week I: Rock Monster
• Denoise & Regrain
• Green Screen Keying Fundamentals: Matte Extraction & Spill Suppression
• Project of the Week II: Redhead
• Nuke 3D Space: Camera Tracking & Camera Projections
• Painting and Reconstruction Techniques
Footage for Exercises and Show Reel of the Students Included with the Course Material.
(Students can keep this material for their personal and demonstrative use, not to be sold, rented or loaned.)
With the course every student will receive a copy of Color Master Class for Nuke Compositors.

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