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A comprehensive introduction to the latest incarnation of Adobe's acclaimed editing platform, Premiere Pro CC, this course will not only teach you how to get the best out of the software, but also develop your ability to craft a story - whether you are editing for broadcast or the web, film or corporate.

The course is structured so that each delegate is taken step-by-step through the editing software, from the basic set-up, workflow and project management to progressively more sophisticated tools and techniques - including shortcuts, basic effects and compression methods - working on projects as they go so that they are implementing immediately what they are taught.

By the end of the course you will be able to edit short sequences on Premiere Pro, create a project, manage your workflow and upload your content in the right formats for online. You will also have an awareness of how to make the most of your footage and tell a story visually.


"Excellent. Super informative, fun and really relaxed.'' - Chris Clarke, creative director, BBH''Very impressed. Thanks.'' - Adam Reid, Assistant Producer

''Learnt a lot in two days. I like that it was also creatively challenging - not dry.'' - Laura Osborne, art director, BBH

"Fantastic course! Very thorough - Nick was such a good communicator - he made every part of the course engaging" - Nichole Dryburgh, Producer/Director

"Good and interesting. Felt I got a handle on the software" - Matt McGough, Development AP

"Very good - clear - well structured, right amount of information - it was also fun" - Charlotte Ginsborg, Producer/Director 

"I though it was great, super interesting and quite intense! I feel like I'm taking a away a lot - so necessary for our industry." - Miri de Villers,Development Researcher

"Good. Fun. Knowledgeable and personable instructor. I now feel quite confident to get going." - Richard Everitt, Producer

"Thoroughly enjoyable. Went through each stage in good detail. Feel more confident now." -Alex Rae, Media Coordinator

"Great - I learnt so much more than I thought I would. From basics to creating a finished product" -Alex McLean, Editorial Assistant

Course Content

Day One

• Non-Linear Editing
• Formats, Codecs and video standards
• The video editing workflow
• Understanding projects, sequences and clips.

The Premiere Interface
• Using workspaces in Adobe Premiere
• The Source, Program, Project and Sequence panels
• Supplementary panels (Effects Controls, Audio, Metadata, Media Browser, Effects and History panels)
• The Tools Panel and the audio meters

Importing and organising your footage
• Importing single and multiple files and folders
• Using bins and renaming clips
• Adding metadata to clips • Using the Media Browser
• Creating subclips
• The Speech Analysis tool

Basic Editing Skills
• Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
• Previewing your clips in the Source Panel
• Playback and marking shortcuts
• Three point and drag-and-drop editing
• Understanding an insert and overwrite edit
• Viewing a waveform and editing audio
• Working with different image formats

Editing in the Timeline
• Rearranging clips in the timeline
• Editing in and out points
• Copying and pasting clips
• Understanding tracks and using track select
• Ripple and roll edits
• Using the razor blade
• Modifying clip speed

Day Two

Working with audio
• Setting correct audio levels
• Mixing audio and using the pen tool
• Syncing audio using markers
Using Effects to refine your project
• Adding transitions
• Adding titles, crawls and rolls
• Fixing exposure, saturation and colour balance using the three way colour corrector
• Fixing common audio issues using audio filters • Keying (Blue/Green screen)
• Understanding rendering and realtime playback

Capturing and converting footage
• Capturing from tape based media
• Ingesting from hard drive and solid state based cameras
• Converting files using Adobe Media Encoder

Motion Control
• In-depth Motion Controls
• Using keyframes to animate
• Controlling multiple clips and nesting

Exporting your project
• Importing from and exporting to Avid and Final Cut
• Understanding formats and presets
• Exporting to the web for H264 or Flash based sites
• Exporting for PC and MAC playback
• Creating files ready for DVD
• Exporting for broadcast

Tips and common problems
• Resetting your preferences file
• Moving and relinking source files
• The auto-save vault

This course offers Talent Manager Pro members the following discount:

TM Pro Offer - £495 + VAT, Early Bird Offer - £50 Off If Booked 4 Weeks Before The Course Date

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